The tales of Natasha’s Crime 

A young girl, travelled with her mother and sister to Luug Hayeey. It has sandy beaches, taliors and shops.

It was an amazing trip. I remember waking up six in the morning Togo swimming with my aunty Daaka, my mother Fowzia, my sister Marian and I. 

I walking down to the beach. I was there wearing my sheet. It was leopard print. I called my sister Faysa than sat down in the beach. 

There were two guys that ran down to the beach; one of them was called xamuud he was the Haraad major of the town. 

There is a lot things that we talked about whilst we were there. There are a lot of things did. I carried by shoes home from the beach. There are a lot I remember saying hi to god guard as I walked away towards where we were all staying.

Raaxo “chilling or relaxation” 
Hamood meaning “hard headed” 

Quumaasho “ to build” these are the principles of Somali living. These principles have excited since 4th century. 

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