I am currently working on a book called “Zaynab” which means ship in arabic. I am very excited. I would really like to know what people think about it once it’s finished. Until then I hope the coming months just go smoothly. Allah is with me.

Last month was Ramadan. It was a very challenging month but I managed to get through it. I did a lot of things that I wanted to and I am really proud of it.

There are so many things that I am thankful for like my family and my friends.

Other things I’m working on are Idriss Press projects like a portfolio and a documentary.

Writing is definitely one of the most interesting and fun things that I have ever done.

I would really like to go and do a lot of amazing stuff but unfortunately it has not gone the way that I had hoped.

I am Boroma Somaliland. I really love the weather and the people. There are many people which I met from really fasinating positions. Like people which high paying jobs. I have met some people who have started their own businesses.

There are some people who have been building their businesses for years. There are some people who have their own businesses like for example working as a entrepreneur selling items like drinks and popular foods like snacks. Like their own crisps make locally in Somaliland. There are other items like drinks which are made in Somaliland.