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I started writing maybe four years ago. Since then I have not written anything in maybe over the past three. There are somethings I really like writing about like bombings in Palestine. I took an interest in writing about four years ago. I wasn’t studying at university or anything so I wanted something constructive which […]

Playing with Fire

The tale of a witch and the love her son had for the princess. A short story about the mistakes one could make when filled by hatred. Playing with Fire

Apple Hand Pies

Apple hand pies—also known as apple turnovers—are individual serving sizes of traditional apple pie, an all-American favorite. This old family recipe… Apple Hand Pies

Gates of Hope

The story of a trip that ended up becoming a nightmare for more than one person. Although some received just what they were looking for. Gates of Hope

No More

Animal locomotion by Eadweard Muybridge, c. 1887. Soon after mere seconds after he became the body no more of the present continuous with the name … No More

Girls Talk #7: Sex Ed with Sarah

If you’re after a frank, honest discussion on female sex education and pleasure, then hello! You’re in the right place. YouTuber, Zoe Sugg (best … Girls Talk #7: Sex Ed with Sarah


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