Palestine Territories and Israeli Territories

I started writing maybe four years ago. Since then I have not written anything in maybe over the past three.

There are somethings I really like writing about like bombings in Palestine. I took an interest in writing about four years ago.

I wasn’t studying at university or anything so I wanted something constructive which I could do during my spare time. I use to sit on a bookshop owner from Palestine. He sold books and did not like Israelis.

His store was bombed earlier this year. He was a fantastic guy. He did not deserve what happened to him. He was intentionally targeted.

This was very common. Israelis always targeted property of Palestinians and destroyed people’s homes. Many people believe that the Israeli occupation in Palestine will never end.

“Many people believe that Israelis were given weapons to exterminate Palestinian people.”

In 1948, there was migration of Jewish people. Palestine itself is known to be sacred with the states laws and ways of governing associated with Islam known as “Shariah Law”.

In April 1920, five Israelis and four Palestinians were killed and hundred more were wounded. Palestinian Territories are governed by the Palestinian authority.

Conflict re-emerged in 1947 to 1949 between the native Palestinians and the Israelis. Many believe the British to be responsible for the conflict which still exists in Palestine.

In 1993, an agreement occurred with the Israelis by the Palestinian Authority. The Palestinians disagreed with the two state governing of Palestinian Land.

Both the Palestinian Authority and the Israeli government rely heavily on US aid. Especially during the pandemic where health resources are scarce.

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