Many people move and travel to many different exciting locations like for example many people move away for a better standard of living or in the prospect of having a life that they wanted.

My recent endeavour to live in Somaliland has definitely changed my life for the better. It is full and full of prospect. It makes me happy that I can just wake up and see all the really nice and happy smiles.

In my life, I have seen a lot of people who have been quite happy with their lives. The part I love most about being in Somaliland is all the time which I put to good use learning more about my religion.

During the summer, I learned about many biblical stories and learned many surats; I recited Surat Al baqarah, Al Nisan, Al Maaida, Al Araaf, Al Anaam, Al Imran, Al Anfaal and At Tawba. It was really fun reading the words in Arabic. There were many enlightening stories in the Quran for example in Surat Al Baqarah.

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